BREAKING: New cannabinoid (legal in all 50 states) effective antiviral?

Landmark research from the University of Queensland found that CBD can kill bacteria and fight viruses effectively. Here it is, straight from the source:

“The first thing we looked at is CBD’s ability to kill bacteria and viruses…
In every case, CBD had a very similar potency to that of common treatments.”
— Dr. Mark Blaskovetch, University of Queensland

But it’s only by using a very specific CBD that you acquire the full cannabinoid profile.

Recent research has shown that other non-psychoactive cannabinoids (legal in all 50 states) have incredible healing properties–in many cases more powerful than CBD. 

Take CBC as an example. CBC has many therapeutic properties like:

  • Mood: A recent study showed CBC has 10x the effect of CBD on relieving depressed moods
  • Calm: Several studies have shown CBC to be an effective relaxant, making users feel at ease quickly
  • Pain: CBC has also been shown to have powerful pain-relieving effects
  • Brain Growth: CBC appeared to increase the viability of developing brain cells – a process known as neurogenesis.


It has been shown to be an effective anti-viral.

But not every CBD oil out there has CBC in it. 


Because most CBD oils are not “full spectrum.” 

Meaning they do not contain the full cannabinoid profile. And because cannabinoids are what deliver the results, most CBD oils achieve a fraction of what’s possible.

There are at least 10 other cannabinoids (with research to support their efficacy) in a quality full spectrum CBD. 

And research strongly suggests that they are most powerful when taken together.  

In fact, one study showed that CBD was up to 3x more powerful when taken with other natural cannabinoids.  

But even if you find a true full spectrum oil, you still may not achieve the results you seek because the cannabinoids are useless to your body.

That’s because using traditional delivery methods, your body can only absorb a small portion of the CBD you take in. 

For example, vaporized CBD provides 34% to 46% bioavailability when inhaled… 

Sublingual CBD provides 13% to 19% bioavailability if held under the tongue for the proper length of time…

And the oral bioavailability of CBD is between 10% to 20%–with some studies showing as low as 6%.

So with these traditional options, you either have to:

  1. Take up vaping
  2. Learn to love the flavor of lots of CBD under the tongue
  3. Or take as much as 17 TIMES the amount of CBD your body needs to achieve optimal results

Fortunately–there is a new oral delivery mechanism for CBD that still allows you the convenience of an oral solution… with up to 20 times the bioavailability.

Prosper CBD.

Their full spectrum oil contains CBD, CBC and 9 other cannabinoids. PLUS:

Their Patented Colloidal Technology provides up to 99% bioavailability via an oral solution that has a very mild peppermint taste.

That means 1 mg of full spectrum Prosper CBD has the same or better effect than 20mg of other brands. 

And while many companies put fillers, preservatives and emulsifiers in their CBD oil.  Prosper CBD only contains full-spectrum CBD and a tiny bit of peppermint oil to make it more palatable.  

Prosper CBD sources their hemp from a family farm that is completely free of GMOs, Pesticides & Herbicides. 

Yet they still test their CBD for heavy metals, bacteria, VOC’s, and 17 other substances. 

And because of their advanced CO2 extraction technology, the CBD is absorbed so quickly, many people experience results in as little as 15 minutes!

And right now you can enjoy all 10 of these cannabinoids in their most potent form with Prosper CBD’s 1000mg Full Spectrum Oil… for 20% OFF.

It has 35mg of full spectrum CBD in every dose, plus 2mg of CBC and 1mg of CBG.  And it’s patented delivery mechanism makes it 20X more bioavailable to your body.

Go here to reserve your bottle while this introductory offer is still valid.


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